Say My Name

It’s Wednesday near the end of the semester and I just do not want to focus on work. So, as a quick distraction, I’ve discovered that Chipotle has a name generator. It is brilliant. Check it out and share your name in the comments.

Here’s my name. I fully approve.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.40.35 AM



I couldn’t help myself. I gave it a 2nd go.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.05.27 AM


Hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday in the states and there were a lot of firsts for me this time around. I was put in charge of hosing the meal for my family for the first time, so I made my first Turkey and my very first pie that didn’t involve a store bought crust. Yes, I’m almost 30 and I’d never made a turkey. So mark that one off the bucket list.


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Dogs, Can You Not (개, 하지마)!? Or What’s Up with the New Title

So, if you’ve visited before (who are you? Seriously, pretty sure no one visits this blog because I never update it) you’ve probably noticed that I changed the title.

Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of the old title, but I was chatting with my friend Huan on Twitter not too long ago and we came up with a new blog title. Huan is taking a Korean language class and I’ve been trying to teach myself Korean through other means, so sometimes we spend a lot of time on Twitter discussing한국어 (Guess what that says? It says Korean).

One morning, I sent an innocuous tweet:

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Necessary Equipment

Bike isn’t ready! So in the mean time, here’s some stuff Matt and I found when we were pulling my bike out of the Pile Of Garage Items the other day. This is all stuff I think every biker should have.

The booty

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Bringing in the Bike

With the husband going back to school in the Spring, we’re looking for all kinds of ways to save money. One thing that I’ve been talking about doing for years is to start biking to work. If I can get into a good routine, it will save us $60 a month in parking fees I pay at work, not to mention the gas that I won’t have to buy (it’s usually $50 to fill up the tank on my gas guzzling Chevy Impala).

The route I would take is approximately 8 miles and it’s along the light rail line. I think this distance is totally doable. I just need to bike at least 2 miles (to the closest stop) and then I can take the light rail the rest of the way. My goal is to be able to bike the whole distance eventually, but having the light rail as my failsafe until I have the stamina is going to be a big help.

Last week I purchased a Giant Backpack so I can carry all the necessary goodies to work (change of work clothes and shoes, wallet, purse, space for work files, etc.) and have been using it for about a week now. So far, I like it a lot – holds everything I need and it fits on my back really well.

Next step is to get my bike tuned up. So today Matt helped me find my bike rack and pulled my bike out from behind the Stack Of Everything We Absolutely Have To Keep But Won’t Look At Ever Again.

There she is

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