Hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday in the states and there were a lot of firsts for me this time around. I was put in charge of hosing the meal for my family for the first time, so I made my first Turkey and my very first pie that didn’t involve a store bought crust. Yes, I’m almost 30 and I’d never made a turkey. So mark that one off the bucket list.


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Using a Planner in Japanese and other Hobonichi Stuff


After sharing some photos of my new Hobonichi Techo Cousin on the Google+ Bullet Journal Community, I got several questions about what it’s like to use a planner that’s not written in English. So, I thought I’d share some detailed photos of the Hobonichi so you can see how it works. The good news is that I think it’s totally possible to use a planner in another language. The great news is that Hobonichis are very well designed so that makes using this planner even easier.

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Dogs, Can You Not (개, 하지마)!? Or What’s Up with the New Title

So, if you’ve visited before (who are you? Seriously, pretty sure no one visits this blog because I never update it) you’ve probably noticed that I changed the title.

Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of the old title, but I was chatting with my friend Huan on Twitter not too long ago and we came up with a new blog title. Huan is taking a Korean language class and I’ve been trying to teach myself Korean through other means, so sometimes we spend a lot of time on Twitter discussing한국어 (Guess what that says? It says Korean).

One morning, I sent an innocuous tweet:

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Getting Started with the Hobonichi Cousin at Work

In the middle of summer, one of my fellow Bullet Journal Google+ Community members posted something about the Hobonichi line of planners. As soon as I saw them, I coveted one. They are beautiful planners. But I didn’t want to take the plunge until I knew for certain I would like them and that they would work for my planning needs.

I examined them. Very closely. I read reviews. I created my own faux Hobonichi layout in my Leuchtturm1719 notebook.

I liked it. And it worked.

So I politely requested Hobonichis for my birthday and my loved ones delivered with 2 complete Hobonichi Cousin notebook setups.


The goods. Blue on the left for personal. Pink on the right for work.


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