Cronkite Night at the Movies: Carbon Nation with Peter Byck

Last night I gave Mary Cook, the director for student success here at Cronkite, a hand with one of her weekly Cronkite Night at the Movies events. We screened the film “Carbon Nation” which was directed by ASU professor Peter Byck. Mr. Byck has a joint appointment to ASU with the Cronkite School and the ASU School of Sustainability and the event was specially joint hosted by both departments.

The New Machine. I don’t know if it has a name yet. I’m gonna call it Clancy.

As we always do, we provide popcorn at all of our Cronkite Night at the Movies screenings. This year we got a new machine and it’s the first time I ever got to see popcorn distribution in action.

One of the extra special things we do for night at the movies is provide way too many a lot of awesome flavored salt options. And they’re all delicious.

I want pizza flavored popcorn mom!

One of the challenged we faced last night is that since we advertised the event to the general public, we had record attendance. As such, we had a hard time keeping enough popcorn on deck for all the demand.

Students waiting ever so patiently for more popcorn

We got the movie started right at 7 and for the 2nd night this week we filled every seat in the Forum.

After the film was over, we had a great discussion with Peter Byck that went well past 9 p.m. He talked about the things he’d learned while filming the movie, the people he’d met, the things he’d learned about carbon footprints, and things that members of the audience could do to affect change.

I love expressive talkers and Peter is a great example of one

I can’t wait to bend Peter’s ear about his experience as a documentary filmmaker in the future.


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